Zinc Textile and MHD Logos

A collaborative range of interior textiles and cushions

A Grey sofa with coloured scatter cushions in a neutral, naturally lit room.

A new aesthetic...

Zinc Textile and acclaimed interior design practice Martin Hulbert Design (MHD) have joined forces to explore their shared passion for design to launch a collaborative range of interior textiles and cushions, which sees MHD’s first foray into the world of interior textile design.

The Collection

Justin Marr, Zinc’s Design Director, and the Zinc design studio’s interpretation of MHD’s vision, sees a fresh perspective on both design and colour that is not tied to trend. Intriguing and spontaneous designs hallmarked by texture and an array of intricate patterns, have resulted in a genuinely new aesthetic.

Watch a conversation with Martin Hulbert, Jay Grierson and Justin Marr.

About MHD

In 2010 Martin Hulbert established London based interior design practice MHD with long-term colleague Jay Grierson. Creating considered and insightful interiors that have attention to detail have earnt MHD the reputation as one of the UK’s leading names in interior design.

Headshot of Martin Hulbert

“In the past, we have often created textiles for our projects and have always had a wish to create a range of our own. After an introduction to Justin at Zinc we soon realised we could make these wishes a reality. The partnership was driven by us wanting to create a collection that had a handmade, hand-printed and hand-woven feel, with a mixture of natural elements coupled with a more traditional approach to design. We worked together in a fluid, highly creative way and the design process became a discussion into finding possible ways to interpret the brief. The project was a pursuit of finding the best way of printing, embroidering, and weaving the MHD vision. We were committed to creating original and inspiring interiors that standout and have a strong attention to detail.”

Martin Hulbert, MHD

Headshot of Justin Marr

“The project has been a true collaboration and I am thrilled we’ve ended up with a collection that has a new aesthetic. A good example of this is the introduction of yellow to our palette which is a colour that Zinc would have never considered using before the collaboration. Our creative partnership was an exchange of ideas where we challenged and learnt from one and another to create a range of compelling designs. Working with Martin and Jay provided a great chance to experiment with different techniques and push the boundaries of design.”

Justin Marr, Design Director – Zinc Textile