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Très Bouclé - Press Release As the name suggests, Très Bouclé is all about the best of bouclé. A true friend to upholstery, the simplest bouclé can transform a piece of furniture from drab to fab. Download PDF
Drake - Press Release Drake is a clever little trio of upholstery plains that ticks all the boxes in terms of practicality, price, and appeal. Download PDF
Salvador & Roccapina - Press Release Zinc Textile’s relaxed side takes the spotlight in Salvador and Roccapina, two collections that characterise Zinc’s easy living aesthetic. Download PDF
Leather Volume I - Press Release Zinc Textile’s first foray into leathers, Leather Volume 1 features five distinct qualities, each with their own individual personality and natural character where inevitable variations in the grain are to be welcomed. Download PDF
Caractère Wallcoverings - Press Release The 70s called and Zinc Textile answered. It’s been a while since they created a launch that really embraced their 70s soul, and the Caractère Wallcoverings does just that. Download PDF
Jacopo II - Press Release The return of Jacopo, after bursting onto the scenes over a decade ago, the Jacopo II collection proves that some designs never go out of style. Download PDF
Yeti - Press Release A collection of the finest faux furs, Zinc Textile revisits their ever-popular offering, and introduces five delectable new qualities. Download PDF