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Allure - Press Release A meeting of past and present, the Allure collection see new bold decorative weaves sit in perfect harmony with iconic Zinc designs. Download PDF
Mercer - Press Release Plain but punchy, texture plays the lead role in the Mercer collection, a book of five indispensable fabrics. Download PDF
Mineralogy Wallcoverings - Press Release On a textural trajectory to the future, this collection of highly innovative wallcoverings sees extravagant designs take to the walls. Download PDF
Superstars - Press Release Making the world a brighter place one design at a time, Zinc showmanship is on full display in the Superstars collection. Download PDF
Ventus - Press Release Aptly named Ventus, Latin for wind, this elegant anthology of sheers and lightweight fabrics have a sense of savoir-faire. Download PDF
Vacation & Riviera - Press Release Download PDF