Zinc Textile X MHD 1 Decorative Upholstery Weaves & Embroideries

Zinc Textile have collaborated with award winning interior design practice Martin Hulbert Design (MHD) to develop a collection of decorative weaves that take a fresh perspective on design and colour. A stylish plethora of diversely patterned fabrics offer a variety of intriguing designs where layers of indulgent texture and intricate patterns succeed in creating a statement. Spontaneously decorative velvets have a playful and simplistic charm, while a striking embroidered graphic stripe brings visual impact and an element of colour. Elevated by a fusion of ruggedly textured velvets and jacquard weaves with naïve patterns the collection continues to enthuse and excite. The palette has an earthy, natural feel enlivened with the introduction of ochre, peacock, and warm spicy tones.